Hi !

I am Julie Gomez. The girl behind the camera. I recently got married and went from Yuliya Selyuzhitskaya to Julie Gomez. Now, everyone assumes I’m hispanic, but plot twist, I am 100% Russian. RIP to the times I have to spell out selyuzhitskaya over the phone with a word for each letter. And HELLO to now being like “Gomez” … like Selena.” I would say it’s the little things in life, but NO, this was a revolutionary life change. Then I legally changed my name from Yuliya to Julie (english translation) so you could say I have suffered enough!!! lol.

I love to film. Most importantly, I love storytelling. I now understand why my father always called me “very emotional” because I feel intense emotions during the wedding day and often, tear up behind the camera. Having gone through my own wedding experience, I have a unique perspective on which moments to pay special attention to, the glimpses of time that have the greatest impact. Memories deserve to be documented and cherished, as they play a significant role in our lives. Your best memories are your greatest treasures.

I am based in Atlanta but would drop everything but my camera to go wherever you are. I promise to be there with my whole heart + full of curiosity.